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Your “no problem” roofing team

Your resource for all things roofing. No, really. Ask us.

Our Team

Our sales staff is made up of knowledgeable, helpful individuals who are trained to anticipate problems in order to bring potential problems and concerns to the contractor's attention before they escalate. We empower our exceptional personnel with the latest technology to ensure accuracy in order entry, proper pricing and billing for over 12OO different products. Our drivers carry cell phones to communicate with customers and office personnel and communicate immediately when they see problems arising. We stay ahead of the contractor's needs which prevent daily problems and minimize disruption to your business.


Vice President
Branch Manager Houston

Rick McLaughlin
Mark Sattler
Wayne Scott
Jim Whitlock
Joe Metcalf
Belinda Haynes
Lori Burks

Sales Outside Jason Horton
Jeff Loud
Scott Shaeffer
Darren Breaux
Sales Inside  Travis Haddox
Ed Mueller
Randy Ramirez
Paul Stephens
Frank Medina
Warehouse Manager Brian Walker
Chad Walker
Warehouse Logistic Technicians Erik Gonzalez
Henry Torres
Manny Marquez
Jose DeLeon
Armando Segovia
Shipping Driver

Justin Webb
Adam Arey
Josh Cramer
Mark Bongard
Chris Rains
Chris Grant
Tommy Hickman
Larry McLaughlin
Melvin Gray
Leonard Grisby
Dane Kelley